Obtain a loan offer:
5 important steps

Our experts analyze your housing project and leads you through all available credit solutions, easily and seamlessly. A loan simulation can be made in our section "Simulation".

1. Building your project

Project and profile analysis: the borrower should detail:
  • - His property: apartment or house, location, size
  • - His transaction goal: buying his residence or investing
  • - The property value (should be third party evaluation) and his financing plan (mostly for investment projects).
His personal and/or professional situation should be explained to the bank. (Revenues, costs, family situation, plans for the future, other ongoing loans, few rations, etc.) Analysis of financing solutions: Keasy will guide the borrower in its efforts based on their profile and expectations. Our experts will explain the differences between the different loan packages and help the borrower to make the best choices.

2. Mortgage negotiation

Our negotiation experts discuss the loan terms with the banks, allowing you to save meetings, time and money. We are totally independent from any bank and will obtain the best possible conditions available. Our team will compare the different loan structure available (fixed or variable rate, épargne logement, etc), explaining you the differences and allowing you to make a real good choice.

3. Comparing fees/costs

Additional costs to a loan could be numerous (mortgage insurance, bank fees, broker fees, penalties for loan termination, prepayments, etc) We guarantee you the best approach to rationalize your loan subscription and negotiate the most competitive solution, comparing the terms of the available offers.

4. Credit Offer Validation

Our team will support you during the complete process: Initial acceptance by the banks and additional questions/documents requests. Bank selection from the borrowers and terms/contract clauses discussion with the bank representative File presentation in front of the credit committee Issuing of the official loan offer from the bank Contract signature.